Sunday, July 01, 2018

Sunday blah-blah

Morning ... was reading about BUYING vs RENTING a property.

I have decided that 2-3 years ago to sell my apartments for cash ... and seeing markets at last leg of bull-run, I see CASH is KING statement ... to be true.

So, as I m shifting to Penang next year, obviously I would be renting (a condo) and rental in Penang is much cheaper than in Klang-Valley (Subang Jaya) here. It is a tenants-market, they said. Over-supply of properties in Penang ... over-hang and the prices is poised to drop soon ...

This is weekly properties-chart ... downtrending. Charts do not lie ... and this is a leading indicator. For all the prices of properties yet to be downed ... they will in coming weeks/months ... or years? The price of properties in certain areas such as JB, Penang and Klang Valley are not sustainable.

ok ... got to go ...blah-blah later.


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