Monday, July 02, 2018

Stock Watch : Malton

Malton : pumped from 56cents ... rallied 200% up ... check : WHY it was PUMPED up? WHY?

Then ... it retraced ... DUMPED. Ask : WHY it is being DUMPED?

Ask these questions first before you decide to buy into Malton at current price (around 50cents now, lower than 56 cents).

Next : Do you know MANY retailers stuck up there? Check this fact first. Retailers will buy in during the PUMP-period and many reluctant to sell ... even the uptrend is no longer there and LYING to themselves that Malton is under-valued or good fundamentals.

I went to i3-Malton forum ... some mentioning INVEST. I beg to differ.

First of all ... this is 2018. We do not INVEST in poor-sector in the tail-end of bull markets. If stuck, to me (disclaimer : wo men bu yi yang) it is cut-loss.

So ... those mentioned INVEST ... I do wonder they mean : stuck ...then, buy more to average down and to WAIT for recovery of market sentiment ... and the surge in property sector?

I have shown properties-index : Chart do not lie ... it says : The whole sector overall is bearish.

Today's homework : Should I invest in Malton at current valuations? Yes or No? Why?

Note : I do not like property sector for YEARS now and will continue to be bearish in the sector. AVOID.


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