Saturday, July 07, 2018

It is not over by Daughtry

Saturday ... took a nap. Precious nap.

Watched my 1st World Cup game : France vs Uruguay. No Liverpool's player in both team ... Suarez(ex-player) ... well, maybe they might get Fekir in the new season but Fekir only came in the last minute of the game. France won 2 - 0 and will be playing Belgium in the semi after Belgium beat Brazil. There is Firmino in Brazil team ...

I do not watch football games ... seriously. I do not. haha ... I only watch Liverpool's game. Weird but that is my focus : Liverpool.

This morning I attended a market-talk ... stating about  ECRL and HSR. With the cancellation or postponement in place ... it will affect many construction counters (many gapping down and strong downtrending now --- crashing) and property counters ... and eventually hitting the banks.

Well ... banking counters already in downtrend.

Constructions (weekly) : I exited in end-2016 to focus in tech-sector instead. It peaked in mid-year 2017. So ... as traders, we all KNEW that construction-sector is a SELL by Sept 2017, the START of the downtrending. Do you know? No? really?? still holding to GKent and such, right?

Properties (weekly) : Most of the stocks are downtrending and to me 'property-stocks' is strong AVOID since years ago ...

Finance (weekly) : written few about it ... and if one still could not EXIT ... we cant explain to them as they will claim they are investors and will continue to hold or even average it down. So ... good luck.

As the selldown is NOT OVER.

As Daughtry is one of my liking ... oh yes, he is coming to Msia.

So ... with HSR, MRT3, ECRL and other construction projects under reviewed ... do you see any upside in the whole sectors (construction, properties ... )?

If not ... why are many still holding to their GKent or even Gamuda-we?

How about building materials such as STEEL and CEMENT? I have posted about steel (bearish views) and Cement (bearish too).

Tasek : SELL in JAN 2018 ... can see the neckline support broken? Then ... still do not exit construction-stocks? WHY? Lack of knowledge and experiences, right? STUCK inside forums ... quietly buying, right?

Learn to see indices (few times e-meeting I have shown) ... learn to know the leaders of each sector ... and trade according to the trend. Can ar?

Why argue this and that is under-valued? STUCK just say STUCK la ... why in denial? Why falling in love with those stocks? Example : LionInd? Who don't know LionInd is old-stock controlled by the well-known William? It is not what you know ... it is what you do.

LionInd (weekly) : You do not need to pay thousands to learn technical or softwares ... you just need simple FACTS ... downtrending ... and see what you need to do.

Well ... as I said : The selldown is not over. AVERAGING DOWN is one of the most silly mistake we all could do ... and how low is low la. Wait... market not even crash yet.

Good luck ... stocks do NOT go up by itself. Attend my e-meeting if you are free to ask simple questions.


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