Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Short term trading : Market still at risk

Morning ... yesterday given an e-meeting above day-trading and explained how difficult it is to be discipline, consistent and emo-less ...

These three days are busy with touch-n-go

All profits so far as market good feel-sentiment.

Monday : ---- later I try to re-call ... need to check my chatbox. All trades sent to my chat-box with my trading group 'live'.

Yesterday : Sold HSSEB (farrrrr toooo early), DRB (day-traded but bought back overnight to sell next day as momentum still there). Bought Myeg overnight. Bought Penta pending breakout. Sold Topglove too ... hitting resistance RM10.78

Topglove : can see the huge volume ... the day KLSE hitting HIGHEST of RM6bil . So, next trade in Topglove would be waiting for pullback to RM10.20 - RM10.30

Aemulus : was watching and stalking it lower ... but missed the trade yesterday as I was too slow to re-act and not chasing. it went to hit 41 cents resistance now.

RESISTANCE = SELL .... not buy la.

Today morning in first hour surge : Sold Myeg (76cents), Penta(RM2.49 ...hit 2.51, pending breakout today) and DRB (sold 1.94, hit high 1.96).

DRB is a frustration as I had 4 trades on here so far ... lost once buy.

DRB as at yesterday

10.55am : Just sold Masteel 66cents. Took 63.5-64cents just now ... quick touch-n-go.

11am : sold off my Sapnrg at 62cents also done. Bull running?

Stock Watch : for those traders who wish to learn from my live-trading or taking trades with me 'live' ... contact me or 012-8210129 (NO, it is not free ... no noises, just focus in learning trades and take real trades ... it is small amount for my work-sharing in daily basis plus e-meetings too)

Ok, not to over-trade ... I m allowing myself to go jalan-jalan and read some books now.

Have a nice trading day.


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