Friday, June 15, 2018

Nasdaq at new high : 7761 level

Nasdaq at new high ... and we are not in bubble, just yet. For crash to come ... we need to see euphoria ... and bubble is building up. Go US ... go for Nasdaq. That was my trading idea last year ... unfortunately, I lost (cutloss) and didn't hold ... now, many at new high.

Example : I bought Apple around USD96 ... now AAPL trading at USD190 level ... and going above USD200 is very likely.

AMD : While AAPL double our capital ... stocks such as AMD was trading around US2-4 ... today at USD16 level, breakout USD15. BUY-hold is the idea ...

Of coz ... for higher risk takers, go for 'smaller' caps ... and more volatile stocks which could still go few hundreds percent. Just make sure you will SELL DURING BUBBLE.

Alright ... buy another Nasdaq counter on pullback. Just bought one last night.

Trading idea : go to Nasdaq ... buy-hold till bubble.


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