Monday, June 18, 2018

KLCI down 15 points

11.30 am : KLCI down by 15 points , recovered from opening selldown of 25 points.

Sold : I sold of my stocks too ... YTL, Sendai and POS, which I bought last week. Thought market recovering ... now, we seeing red again. Keep cash again ... so erratic.

Sendai : Breakout actually ... so, can hold.

Evergeen (and such) : I do not favour the whole sector ... so, when someone asked me Evergreen and gang, I will assume they stuck up there. I don't see any upside in the whole sector ... those some claiming they are cash-positive companies. Sure?

Many retailers stuck inside many : such as MyEg ... and now, they saying it is cheap and buying into MyEg. That is how retailers lose more ... as they average it down. Many stuck ... and stuck more due to averaging-down ... we do not see CRASH yet. This is just a knee-jerk selldown ... NOT even correction YET. Wait till you see 1620 level in KLCI, ya.

Nothing much to do ... going to jalan-jalan and read books again.

Have a nice weekend.


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