Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Gap-down : SELL

Learning Corner

Gap-down = SELL.

Understand simple trading-rule?

Understand the logic ar? Or want to deny?

Or prefer to HOPE it will recover ... one day. Or lying around telling others you are an investor? and you could hold for very long ... say 10years?

Or living in illusion ... telling others you bought at 50cents ... and you cost so low ... you are taken profit at RM2.80 level. You will sailang if it goes to 50cents again ... as it is under-valued?

OR ... you might want to face REALITY of investing/trading ... admitting WRONG and start to learn to accept FACT.

If you are not going to face the PAIN ... the pain will EAT YOU INSIDE. If not, you will NEVER survive ... 2018 ... and coming crash.

I m not sure Superln would go back above RM2 ... yes, might take years to come.

Market also no crash yet .... why are you stuck?

Because you are reluctant to cut-loss ... because you are in PAIN and FEAR. Uncertain.

Because you are a sucker for information ... and asking around with HOPE of some good news, not understanding WHY it went up in the first place.

See the weekly chart for the whole trend.

Downtrend leh? no meh? downtrend ... not sell meh? What ... buy more? Sure or not? U talk-rubbish again ... when want to wake up and be a man(or woman) and face your mistakes? What ... someone asked you to buy ... so, you just buy? You ingat beli sayur ar?

Then ... you blame others for your buying? Apa-la you ... harga kangkung also turun leh? No meh ... blame it on the kangkung, it wont mind.

What ? The person asked you to buy didn't ask you to sell ... so, you no sell? Apa la ... since when got such human out there to benefit you one , for free? Think la logic sikit ...

And if he already in markets for 30years, STILL not being very rich ... still telling you to buy, you still can believe to buy ar? Who to blame ar? You got brain ma ... you click the buy-button leh. You think got pistol point to your head meh?

paused --- sigh ---

All these are what we all have to go through ... the PAIN of profit (sold too early) and the PAIN of losses (most of them reluctant to cutloss ... so, paperloss lo). Some newbies ... even have the PAIN of missing-the-boat.

So, I started to give public e-meeting since 2yrs plus ago, HOPING to reach out to those newbies or those ignorant uncles-aunties ... who QUIETLY read forums (i3-forum is most popular and attracted many runners, operators and so-called sifus there ... so, it is deafening noises) ... to buy.

Take a pause ... take a look at OURSELVES. Take that first step. We have ourselves to BLAME. No one else ... we believe a sifu who keep harping on low PER = buy. Or someone telling us that the stock trading way below its NTA, so it is a buy.

Some of us believe the STORIES created by the 'sifu' who are hiding behind to promote stocks(we called them 'runners') ... and we do not know WHEN to exit/sell (for profit or loss). Most of the time ... when those stories are over ... operators have dumped most of their holdings and exited. Then, it would be a slow death ... but we are still hanging on her.

Have you heard of my stories ... when I was VERY new in market, back in 2008? Some 10 yrs ago? Wow ... it has been TEN YEARS. Haha

Here is how you lose ALL your capital (not easy unless you are ignorant).

LionDiv : I bought at RM1.81 before 2008 crash ... I was 1-2 months into markets. No forum yet back then (luckily) ... but my dealer said this is a very strong company. Target price given by IBs was ranging from RM2.20 to RM3. So ... cant be wrong, right? It owns Parkson ... and the name of William being mentioned to me many times. So ... ok, buy la. Wait for RM2.20 to sell, at least.

HUAT AR ... I quietly kept it to myself ... thinking of how to treat my wife a nice dinner. In 2008, I was totally broken and took loan to buy shares!! Hahaha ... so naïve.

Well ... LionDiv delisted? Oh boy ... it gapped down in MAC 2008 after the GE12 results out ... BN failed to win 2/3 majority for the first time!! I remembered I called my dealer ... what should I do? It gapped down 20% ... he said it is due to sentiment can still hold.

I do not blame him ... I cut-loss all before I started this blog in Aug 2008. Painfully ... I do not know what to do ... so, I re-started my whole new mindset and re-learn about trading-investing.

It was 10 years ago ... I was THAT naïve.

Gap down in MAC 2008 for LionDiv is a SELL.

Learn that ... as we will see more gap-down ... keep my words for that.

GE14 given us an eye-opener ... GKent, Myeg, Eforce and such limit-down ... gap down is nothing. It is common.


Will have an e-meeting to talk about GAP DOWN = SELL ... one day, when we see 20-30 counters gapping down.

Now ... just those affected by GE14 la. So sikit ... also sudah sakit?

Wait ... wait for that day. You will NOT survive 2018 if you are still hanging in forums yak-king away, quietly holding to paperlosses ... and reluctant to face REALITY.

No one going to wake you up as you chosen to be in comfort zone ...where losers gather around, consoling each other ... it is OK ... we all lose TOO. An approval of losing la tu.

Lunch time.


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