Sunday, June 10, 2018

6th - 7th June Quarter Reports

LFECorp : EPS -79cents ... in recent QR. ALARMING and very bad lousy company. No idea what is company is ... never in my list. So let me check little on her.

website :

As I saw the recent QR ... go to

Losing money company??


Johan : What company is this? No idea ... the name Johan = Champion? Huge swing from 11cents to 40cents level and we are back to base soon. Will you invest it her?

The latest QR showing : EPS minus 72cents. Ridiculous.

Check on the background and biz to understand WHY they are bleeding ... ... I see, DINERS CLUB

So ... we are done with two latest companies which just released their QR on 7th June, both with losses and stocks trading at pathetic low level. If market is to crash in near future, these are potential de-listed companies.

Glomac : Good QR ... worth to check further ... where the EPS of RM2.92 came from. Is it one-off?


Website :

but I do not favour property-developers. So, well ... buy current level, small. Take profit when jump? ok, buy.

Note : NOT OK TO BUY those these is share buyback going on. Next.

Astro : EPS RM3.39 ... dropped. Rumoured to be taken private ... all rushing in to buy? haha. Will be taken out of index-KLCI ... so, we shall see bottom from here, but a good swing-stock for day-traders or short-term traders. I like.

So ... from the most recent four QRs on 6th and 7th ... I could see Glomac and Astro as OK to take.

Of coz we avoid losing-money companies.

Time to rest. Will write further ... as I m reading a lot and learning about FA.


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