Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Post GE14 : limit down and selldown

GE14 : BN lost for the first time. Market re-acted crazily ... opening down and dived to minus 40 plus, rebounded to see green ... plus almost 30points but in last half-hour, selldown to close plus 3.91 points yesterday. VERY huge volume registered too ....some RM7bil plus traded.

Cuscapi : from 35.5cents before election ... gapped down and closed at 21.5cents yesterday

Destini : from 43cents ... to close at 25.5cents. Hope no one holding to this one ... the so-called election-rally play.

Eforce : opened with a limit down price at 69cents. Eforce-wa limit-down too

Fajar : broken 48cents support and closed at 43cents.

GBGAQRS : from RM1.60 ... opened limit-down at RM1.12. No escape for those holding.

GKent : Limit down ... closed at RM2.76

IJM : from RM2.65 ... it closed at RM2.27 ... with a very huge volume.

IWCity : many newbies, retailers stuck inside this one ... when it surged up crazily ... to trap them. PUMPED ... the gap down/limit down back then would be a forced-selling ... well, yesterday it gapped down further.

Malton : closed at 66cents, from 78.5 before GE14

MyEg : Lost RM2.7bil of its market cap, reported in The Edge. Opened and closed limit down RM1.81

Presbhd : Limit down too ... closed RM1.16

WCT : limit down to close at 90cents, new low. Penny-stock now.

There are many many more ... many under construction-sector as many projects will be reviewed.

Time to check what to buy for today.

Yesterdays good trade was MMCCorp : bought 1.51-1.53 .... and sold RM1.69.


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