Wednesday, May 23, 2018

KLCI down 29 points

11.30 am : Watching KLCI minus 27 points ... selldown in Axiata, TM, CIMB, Tenaga ... and foreign-funds exiting in daily basis since after GE14.

KLCI daily chart after yesterday ... now with a long black candle.

Many more diving to new low and market NOT crashing yet ... just few those gap-down last week were crashing ... market is unstable with many more smelly rubbish being dug out ... no thanks to our corrupted and greedy ex-PM.

Cronies from BN-gov would be investigated ... so, many stocks have huge selldown, ahead of more rubbish being shown publicly.


GKent : This over-played stock ... up from RM1 to RM4 ... hit high around RM4.40 ... at RM1.50 level today diving ... so, hit 1.46. Once last week low RM1.47 broken, we see free-fall further from here. Well ... expecting it to trade below RM1 again ... one day.

Note : It is ridiculous to say GKent is cheap ... it was driven up by NEWS ... today, many stuck up there, obviously.


BJCorp : gapped up after GE14 ... well, they said VT is TDM's friend .... so, up lo. Today, back to 31.5 cents after hitting 39cents

Opcom : I watched ... the limit up, gap up and selldown now ... if you stuck up there, it shows you chased ... and if you do not know the risk, you wont survive (2018).

Ok ... time for lunch and rest ... cleared many in opening for small losses. Now, stuck in two stocks ... zzz ...


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