Thursday, May 31, 2018

Denial Syndrome

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The above is found in Wikipedia ... a DENIAL stage that many retailers trapped into.

Denial – When markets have not rebounded, yet we do not know how to respond, we begin denying either that we made poor choices or that things will not improve shortly.

Fear – The market realities become confusing. We believe the stocks we own will never move in our favor.

Desperation – Not knowing how to act, we grasp at any idea that will allow us to get back to breakeven.

Panic – Having exhausted all ideas, we are at a loss for what to do next.

Capitulation – Deciding our portfolio will never increase again, we sell all our stocks to avoid any future losses.

We have net-buyers : RETAILERS.  It is a surprise ... as retailers are so positive in our new gov and buying when sharp diving... so, retailers are 'smarter' now ... tho most STUCK up there in few stocks.

Is Myeg reaching the 'capitulation' stage?

We shall see some rebounds today as DOW up 300plus points ... so, rebound = sell?


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