Monday, May 21, 2018

Alert : Swak's counters

12.30pm : KLCI up 7.72 points. lunch

CMSB: closedat RM2.48 (limit down) last Friday. At the moment, closed 1.82 for lunch.

CMSB : hit low 1.74 ...closed at RM1.92. See if tmr another gap down .

Dayang : Closed at 57.5cents last Friday, hit support 56cents. At the moment, closed at 57 cents for lunch.

Dayang : closed a doji 57.5cents ...risk takers can take. 56cents is a strong support, cut-loss below 55cents.

HSL : Closed 1.40 last Friday, now closed at RM1.34 for lunch.

HSL closed lower at RM1.32 today ...broken the RM1.40 support. Not to catch

KKB: Sideway ... last Friday closed at 91 ... but today diving. Closed at 85.5cents for lunch.

KKB : down today to closed at 86cents, long black candle. at critical level too ... downtrending since from RM2 plus.

Naim : Closed at 72.5cents last Friday. Now at 66.5cents for lunch.

Naim : Nice candle closing too ...just checked today that it is losing money ... and so, no buy into losing money company.

PMetal : closed at RM4.69 ... at critical support.

SCable : Closed at 45.5cents, formed a hammer today.

Will post the charts and check them AFTER 5pm.

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Time to go for lunch etc .


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