Wednesday, May 30, 2018

30th MAY : further SELLDOWN

KLCI selldown further by 35 points ... as DOW minus 390points.

Whether it is the GE14 effect, cancellation of HSR which just announced ... of 1MDB, National 1-T debt ... hmm ... even blame it on Trump or Italy, it doesn't matter ...

give a few e-meeting regarding the selldown past two weeks, lazy to have another tonight. But, guess I will have another e-meeting tonight ... cannot help those many retailers who do not understand how market works ... and still being stubborn to hold.

FEAR = BUY, ya ... so, wait selldown over ... by KLCI below 1700 ... we can see many at new low.

Tenaga : broken 200MA ... long term uptrend is over.

Yes ... the reason I said we need to sell ahead before GE14 ... as the risk is high to hold to stocks, especially we are uncertain of new policies ... new rules and many more.

Example : MRCB, GKent, Fajar ... WCT ... YTL and Gamuda. Even IJM ... all these construction stocks going thru huge selldown due to PH won, re-negotiate of contracts/projects ... potential of cancellations of ECRL, HSR, Pan-Borneo ... large project.

10.45 am : Selldown continues ... minus 44 now, at 1731

Time to buy if you are in FEAR ... issue : do you stuck UP THERE?


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