Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sector Alert : Furniture and Wood

Evergreen : Still tracking her, closed at 47cents today, awaiting 40cents.

FLBhd : At support RM1.10 now ... we shall see this becoming a penny-stock ... and 70cents would be the level I will yell-out again. Way to go ...

Hevea : closed at 79cents, retraced more than 50% in less than a year ... from peak. Will track her till 40cents level.

JTiasa :  a penny-stock now ... closed at new low 85.5cents today.

Latitude : Closed at RM3.55 today, another new low. We shall check again when below RM3.

LiiHen : A better performing 'furniture' stock ... waiting at RM2.40 level next.

Mieco : Dropped about 60% from peak since Nov2017 ... that is a 5-months period. Closed at 48cents, we shall check again at 30cents level.

PoHuat : At support RM1.30 now ... so, can only go for technical-rebound from here, bearish and down-trending.

WTK : still downtrending ... moving lower.

Note : I am bearish on the whole sector for 2-3 yrs now. No reason to buy or be bullish.


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