Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Happy Bday to my blog

8th Aug 2008 ... I started this blog. I re-started everything after being trashed by the market-crash ... I was less than a year in market and knew nothing at all ... today, after 9 years being in market on daily basis, I have learnt few tricks ... recognising traps ... few strategies and methods of trading ... and I m no longer a newbie. I m in novice level ...

Here ... 8.8 2008 ... the China's Olympic.

As we are in the 9th year of market-bull (not really felt in KLCI but some counters are really bull-leh)

In my 9 years plus being in market, I have explored many 'possibilities' ... ventured in some un-known areas in trading and investing. I have known many-many 'sifu's and learnt from many, collectively.

So ... this blog is the place I like ... I failed to transfer it to and decided to stop that ... as I hit 50 recently, I started but it is STILL not a home ... this one is.

weird ... it is a blogger's comfort cyber-space or zone. Unless you are a blogger (and old ... ) you will not understnd. Old-man does not like to change ... also, reluctant to learn those new lingos/terms ...

11.30 am ... selldown in penny-stocks ... yup. They pushed it up ... goreng-goreng. Many retailers inside Frontkn, Dnex, Systech, Krono and such ... catching knives? CUT LOSS?

Think you can beat the operators? Think again.

Have a nice day


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