Monday, July 24, 2017

Pump-n-dump : MLab

Morning ... talking bout pump-n-dump ... that is endless. Some counters will be pumped ... for those operators to release all their holding as they knew ahead the 'bad smell' inside the closet.

MLab is the latest the pump-dump list. Hope those burnt inside would learn the painful lesson and move on ...

I was sad ... then down for few days due to ...

RIP, Chester.

Then ... I was having flu-cough for a week, hence I do not have any e-meeting ... but planning to have one this Thu night (go to for the links and etc)

Yes ... i want to talk about pump-n-dump ... a common situation which retailers stuck inside.

Ok ... time to rest after market opens ... without anything much.

Sideway ... and lagging behind most market. Smell of election is around the corner with Felda-supporters getting incentive, then MRT as a gift to us, public.

I will sell most ahead of election.


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