Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Technical rebound : AirAsia, Karex and FGV

FGV : Done second round of trade today but not so lucky as q-buy 1.55 not done, only 1.58 done. Round 3 ... tmr ... only left with smaller portion.

When you hear BAD news, fear in markets ... diving with high-volume, some panic-selling... be greedy when others in fear?

We shall see tmr for it to go above 1.70? Sell in mind once good news out again ...

AirAsia : Done 3 rounds ... lose 1st round, sold 3.19 in second and last portion in 3.28 ... but it is going higher now ... that was another technical rebound I taken recently.

Karex : Sold my last portion today at 1.81 ... another good technical rebound play.

I have been trading technical rebounds for years ... as each time when I see these stocks tumbling, I will be ready for it. We dont win all the times ... but if our timing is good, the reward could be very good.

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