Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Moving to new blog

I m gradually moving to

It is for me to totally move out of i3-forum and I could be with only fewer readers who will follow my blah-blah and writings.

It will still be a public-blog .... and see how it goes ...

Note : My blog is linked to i3-platform some 4-5 yrs ago ... when i3 was very new and without much content. The admin came all the way from Spore to meet me, and asked permission to link my blog to i3 (how could I say ... "no" back then?). I have written to i3-admin some 2-3yrs ago ... asking them to take off my blog ... and was told "it is ok" ...

Anyone put any comment in i3 (meant for me?) ... I do not kow as I do not go to i3 for some years!! So, if u wish to follow me and send a comment to me, go to my new blog.

the '50' is obvious ... to celebrate that I m 50 years old now. Haaha.

Thanks for reading my blah-blah. I want to leave everyone-la...


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