Thursday, June 01, 2017

Life at 50

It is Thu night ... I m going to ave a nice rest for a week after busy weeks due to exams. Tmr is FM2 paper ... and I would be 'free' from classes for ... 2-3 weeks. Well, I m supposed to fly myself to Sydney ... but then again, I chicken-out.

I m going to Penang for few days, instead. Need to plan if I m going to shift over after GE. Yet to be decide ... but a good choice for a change.

I had many e-meetings .... mostly for my members --- to remind them about importance of 'cut-loss' as market could be so noisy that we 'forgotten' that we are stuck in some stocks?

Marketing is everything in ... hmm ... finding members or public to trust 'you'. I m not doing that, obviously. Yes ... I m not. I prefer to be by myself as I need to study for my exams. I need less noise ... and for that, I do not promote/market myself as I 'should' ?

There are many individuals ... promoting themselves as 'sifu' or 'guru' .... please count me OUT. Thanks.

Anyway, I m 50 now, officially. So ... time to rest my cases ... move on to find more meaningful life ... and yes, moving away from crowds. While I will still blog here ... once in a while, I may also want to get a new blog and re-start things ... again.

What is the change? Hmm ...

Definitely will continue to trade ... as that is something I love doing. Not the money part, but the exciting adventure part ... bringing me to new trading-place tmr ... or the next day ... and by next year, I m moving again!! Yeah ...

I m tired ... due to old-age? haha.

Due to the noises ...


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