Thursday, May 18, 2017

Selldown today?

DOW minus 370 points ... I m excited.

I have sold most of my trading stocks, holding to few position-trades which I will top-up if there is a 'sell in May' ... so, i could buy in May .... and then, go away!!

Let me see which one I just sold days ago!!

VS-wa : Sold recently and it ent up again yeserday!! New high ... see got 20-30% sales to buyback!!

TatGiap : Sold 2 days ago ... and phew ... it is coming back down .... see if I could grab back at 18cents?

Censof : Sold at cost price last Friday ... now, 10% cheaper!!

PChem : As for the blue-chips, I bought PetGas and sold for good profits last week and bought into PChem inverted-hammer ... and sold it a week time!!

YTL ... bought 1.46-1.48 ... sold it off too!! Great!! Well .... if you buy few hundreds lots, that is few k profits in a week, ya.

Day-trades : Dnex, Ekovest and Sendai.

Genting-wa : Sold at small losses .... and it jumped up. The one that got away!!

As I m in cash ... and have few stocks in my position-trade funds, I will check if I m going to buy level-2 ....and this selldown is making me excited!!

Have a nice shopping day!!


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