Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Becoming a trader

It is 10pm ... tired after the whole day of classes and trading. Tmr would be another very long day ...

... slowly, I m reducing number of classes ... to focus in my trades. I m doing well in my trades (FKLI/FCPO) and very consistent now ... so, by 2018 ... I will spend more time on my trades, less time on classes.

Having set-up my trading desk ... needing  a few more items as tools, I m ready-ing myself for next month challenge ... 20% per month profit in FKLI/FCPO. Yup ... the jjptr idea ... so i created cprtp funds for this purpose. haha ... it is a new fund for FCPO fun.

Besides, I created an VIF last month and doing 3% per month. That is trading only limited to 10 stocks in the list. Boilerm is one of the stocks in my list (you may joined my closed group for more info and see how I m managing it).

With more things being planned for trading ... I will be too busy for anything else, including blogging here ...

I m free to blog tonight as I m giving myself a rest from e-meeting or my reading!!

So ... what should I write now? Hmm ...

AAX ... not good report. Try to day-trade on her tmr ... say, 48cents? Perhaps gap-down more ...

With trading fees are low now ... heard a Japan's company coming here to offer cheaper rate? Now everyone can trade ... haha.

I will move away from KL ... perhaps by next year. Probably to Penang and at a 'small' place ... to focus in my trades and needing more 'green' yet simple living.

I need to slowly ... living simplier lives ... focus and making my mind clearer. I want to be a good trader and it is needed. So ... I need a change of environment and my daily rituals.

Time to sleep early.


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