Monday, April 17, 2017

Stock Watch : Penta

Monday morning ... been relaxing for 1-2 weeks as students having their break/holiday.

Today is back to classes ... kinda full-swing by next week as exams drawing near ...

Penta : Sold 2.60 done as I caught the hammer closing at 2.52 last Friday. Oh yes, I took the picture of my trades and posted to my closed group. Then, they could see I m queue-ing to buy CBIP this morning too ... wonder why should I lie? hmm ...

so ... let me share with you the article I read when I woke up this morning ... read.

2. Perfection is pure fiction.

I am grateful for all of my mistakes because they were real blessings in disguise that made me wiser. As John C. Maxwell says, “Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. We never lose.” I stopped stressing myself out while trying to be perfect and I am always aiming for good enough.

4. Worrying about what others think is a waste of time.

I cannot please everyone, no matter how much I try. Whatever people think about me is their opinion, filtered through their lenses; it’s all about them and it has zero to do with me. I stopped trying to please others in the hopes that they would like me. I like myself as I am and I don’t need or expect other people to make me happy. My happiness is my responsibility and everything else is a bonus.

6. Life doesn’t have to be a fight or an exhausting competition.

I stopped competing and comparing myself to others. Instead, I mind my own journey and I am happy for other people’s achievements. I choose to live in a state of love instead of fear and I believe in abundance. We live in a supportive universe, where there is enough of everything and for everyone.

So ... real successful persons live their lives ...enjoying and embracing every moment. They do not fight or worry about what others think. They know they are not perfect and practising on what they are focusing. They are well balanced in their lives.

In case you are still living in other's container ... get a life.

Have a nice day ahead. I will be having an e-meeting tonight for members only. If anyone out there wish to join me(for trial), e-mail or message me in FB.


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