Sunday, April 30, 2017

Self-made Millionaire by Brian Tracy

I shared for almost 1.5 hours on the above article ... in my e-meetin last night. So, I m sharing it here again ... yes, I m very focus person ... doing things repeatedly and diligently.

#1 : They read consistently

The rich would rather be educated than entertained. As Corley writes, “Eighty-eight percent of the rich devote thirty minutes or more each day to self-education or self-improvement reading … Most did not read for entertainment … The rich read to acquire or maintain knowledge.”
Corley found that they tend to read three types of books: biographies of successful people, self-help or personal development, and history.

TEH : Yes ... I read in daily basis ... self-help books and financial-related books are my main focus. So ... I do not have time for other 'entertainment' ... and allowing myself a Liverpool's game per week or few hours of "House".
#2 : They exercise
“Seventy-six percent of the rich aerobically exercise 30 minutes or more every day,” Corley reports. Aerobic exercise includes anything cardio, such as running, jogging, walking, or biking.

“Cardio is not only good for the body, but it’s good for the brain,” he writes. “It grows the neurons (brain cells) in the brain … Exercise also increases the production of glucose. Glucose is brain fuel. The more fuel you feed your brain, the more it grows and the smarter you become.”

TEH : This is what I m lacking in ... so, I have to make some effort in these ... and signed-up for the Mt Kinabalu Dec climb. Hope that could force me to do what I needed ... to exercise!!

#3 : They hang out with other successful people

“You are only as successful as those you frequently associate with,” Corley writes. “The rich are always on the lookout for individuals who are goal-oriented, optimistic, enthusiastic, and who have an overall positive mental outlook.”

To cultivate these relationships, he writes, wealthy people do six things: wish people a happy birthday, call to say hello, call when a life event happens, network, volunteer, and participate in “formal or informal mastermind groups,” like a business group or weekly calls with people who share their same interests.

It’s equally important to avoid negative people and influences, Corley emphasizes: “Negative, destructive criticism will derail you from pursing success.”
TEH : I m definitely practising these ... some 10 years ago when I started my personal financial journey ... because I have been teaching for 20yrs and only mixing with my colleagues (lecturers) ... and moving away from them, moving away from my whole entire surrounding ... to find myself, shifted back to KL to re-start the journey ... and continue to ELIMINATE many nay-sayers, those hurt me ... and those delaying my goals (by sucking my energy, time ...). Read good books ... you will understand WHY we need to get out of the crowd ... and crowd hardly successful ... chances? 80/20 rule.

#4 : They pursue their own goals

Wealthy people are “obsessed” with pursuing goals, Corley found.
“Pursuing your own dreams and goals creates the greatest long-term happiness and results in the greatest accumulation of wealth,” he writes.
While too many people make the mistake of chasing someone else’s dream — such as their parents’ — rich people define their own goals and pursue them relentlessly and passionately.
Passion makes work fun,” writes Corley. “Passion gives you the energy, persistence, and focus needed to overcome failures, mistakes, and rejection.”

TEH : We need to be passionate about things we are doing --- day-in, day-out. So ... it is obvious that I m passionate about trading, taking extra miles in teaching some of newbies about trading. With my 'novice' level (after 5 yrs, I climbed up from newbie level) ... I could only guide newbies, I m still having my own goals in tact ... to move from novice-trader into intermediate level. Yeah ... that would be when I achieve my 1st million (soon?) and will slowly focus into my charity-goals.

#9 : They don’t follow the herd

We so desire to blend in, to acclimate to society, to be a part of the herd, that we will do almost anything to avoid standing out in a crowd,” Corley writes. Yet “failure to separate yourself from the herd is why most people never achieve success.”
Successful people create their own new herd and then pull others into it, Corley says: “You want to separate yourself from the herd, create your own herd, and then get others to join it.”

TEH : Just make sure that we are not into the HERD ... as in stock-markets, this not easy to be identify and we might be into the normal-crowd ... and yes, trapped inside.
ok ... time to rest ... to read.
Have a nice week ahead.

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