Thursday, April 13, 2017

Relax time

Draw life and get the picture ... relaxing alone here at cafe and reading this good book.

This week Sunday, I will have an activity with wife (plus kids) ... suggested by the book. Grab a big piece of paper, few coloured pens ... draw about our ONE YEAR (last year) in pictures!!

Laugh over it ... then we will try to DRAW our next year! haha.

Interesting book, indeed.

I hav talked about TWO most important points about 'crash' ... first is CUT-LOSS so that we do not get stuck and suck in ... and last night is my first e-meeting for BUY during the crazy crashing time. Indeed, it is VERY extremely difficult to execute ... CUT-LOSS and BUY-in-FEAR.

Oh yes, I think someone 'popular' from i3-forum attended my talks (twice?) ... and e-mailed me too. He is 'duit' ... nice person, so ... I welcome these good human to share opinions. Thanks for coming. Do meet up ... coffee on me, sir.

Time to relax ... no e-meeting tonight as i want to maintain my whole day lazy no-working mood. Haha.


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