Friday, April 14, 2017

New ratio : CPF ratio

It has been years I m teaching FEAR ... and came out with uncle's way of sensing fear.

One of the fear-ratio I m using is number of losers over number of winners.

I m going to name it CPF ratio ... it is few of the ratios I 'created' it myself after years in market.

CPF = CP's FEAR ... ratio. Haha ... told u i m creative and I hv done many 'new things' but being quoted by few or mis-quote by many!!

So ... today CPF ratio (CPFR) showing more than 8%. That is my first criteria to see fear.

I did not say CPFR > 8 is a buy, ya. I need the stocks to be down by 8% or more too.

So ... here you are : learn the CPFR ... and buy during fear?

Note : I m still 90% in cash .. so, I m outside ... relaxing while reading 'value investing' book as I m attending a course tmr. Preparation for the lecture ... to be able to ask my 'sifu' some good questions tmr.

Short FKLI?


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