Friday, April 28, 2017

Long weekend ...

Learning Corner : Stochastic Crossover

KLCI is showing bearish crossover today ... was trying to teach my group this morning while showing them 'live'...

What is more important is ... ok, we know it is bearish-crossover? SO WHAT?

Actions is for category level 3 personalities ... while many in level-1 ... DONT KNOW act know .. some at level 2 ... know but no action. Come to level 3 ...

e-meeting : tmr night 10.30pm ... talk about Habits of self-made millionaires. All welcome but the link is no longer here in i3 (if you are reading from there) ... you have to click on MY BLOG

what I can do is send the link on the side of my blog!!

Ok ... have a long weekend. Night.


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