Friday, April 14, 2017

e-meeting : Analysis on 2008 crash

This is a clip I have just listened. So ... I dont mind sharing my readers ... as everyone THOUGHT they could be rich ... but not matter bothers to drill and learn.

#1 : Self-concept

#2 : listen it yourself ...

I m going to have an e-meeting 10.30pm tonight but I will not be sending the link here anymore .... if you really wish to join, you could go to ... search for facebook My Trading Adventure group ... and I will approve. BUT ... I will start to learn to DELETE rubbish from my homes.

I deleted a person during my e-meeting recently, my first time. Making me sad ... that there are such human ... coming to others home and throw rubbish ... sigh.

I have sent my request to i3-admin (again) to take my blog off from i3 as I no longer there for years. I do not replay any comment there as I do not even read ... but I do still go to i3-platform to check on news, dividends, annoucements ... and at times, I saw my name being BADLY mentioned there by many noisy-regular humans there. I have moved away, in case you didnt realise ... my blog is LINKED to i3 and I was one of the first blogger there (together with Alex Lu's blog and few old bloggers). i3 was peace as not many there ... as it grows larger ... the noises is deafening and I moved away ... some 3/4 years ago.

There are many good articles and genuine experts there ... perhaps, KYY has my highest regards. KC Chong is one respected person ihis FA analysis ... and recently, I read KYY's post about a person called 'stockmanmy' ... I search his posts ... wow, he is great and very good in his analysis. Very experienced man, indeed.

If I m to learn ... and read forums I will ONLY read few of these respected ones. Others, I do not have time ... not that I dont wish but limited resource (TIME). I knew nicks such as Icon or Duit(he came to my e-meeting twice, i think) ... are few sifus there. I m not aware who else ... as I do not even read telegrams/watsapp posts.

Uncle Ben is one of the one I always follow ... since 2009. He is the best experienced blogger that we should be listening too. Besides Dali .. but I think he is no longer blogging?

I will not celebrate if I really capitalise from the crash. Listen to the above ... someone (80%) would be losing hugely ... so, I never celebrate my winning or victories. The only way to make me feel better is to donate some of my profits away ... giving to commmunities. I have just adopted an orang-asli education-fund ... to fund the education of the 'orang asli'. check them out ... if u hv knowledge, teach. If you have money ... donate. If u have time, volunteer.

Yes ... I will move back to and adopt many kids. That is what money could bring BUY happiness.

Time for e-meeting and also rest to attend Value Investin course.



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