Thursday, March 02, 2017

The Gap Downs

CSCSteel : Gap down too ... but didnt take this one as steel-rally too hot for me. Dislike.

Hovid ... wasted that I sold her off too early as I caught at 25cents level.

Jaks ... taken and sold. I done some analysis yesterday morning ... showing how The Star paper highlighted Mr Koon bought into her on 22nd, on 23rd ... it hit resistance as retailers chasing ... then, bye-bye ... gap down. So, I bought below RM1.10. Good trade.

RGB : Popular retailers stock ... and gap-down to kill off their interest ... huge volume there ... the exiting of some operators?

TekSeng ... broken support ... took in previous gap down. This is the most recent

There are many more ... so, be aware of the QR ahead ... bad reports would see diving such as Jaks. MANY MORE coming ... be prepared.


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