Monday, March 13, 2017

Season 4 : Dr House

I subscribed to iflix only to watch "House" ... some 3 months plus ago. I have watched every single episode from season 1 to season 3 ... yesterday, I watched the last episode 24 of season 3.

So ... I m going to download every episode ... and re-watch that some 3-5 yrs later, when I finally retired!!

No ... I do not watch any other TV ... no TV for years now, but I allowed myself to watch Dr House back in year 2004.

So ... re-watching them all now is 2017 new-year resolution!! Haha ...

oh yes, I m so familiar to many medical terms now such as LP, ECG, PET scans, MRI ... infections, disease ... haha ... I m no doctor, studied Biology till SPM.

But ... the character of Dr House is explaning my 'characters' ... hate me if you will. haha


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