Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Vlog tonight : New Year Resolution <--- click="" here="" p="">
Tonight's Vlog is about my NEW YEAR 2017 resolutions ... check-balance to see if I m on track and what I have not been doing ... click the above link for the e-meeting link.
Recently, I had Lesson 20 : SELLING RULES
I m still planning for LESSON 21 : MORE SELLING RULES
but someone said he missed my e-meeting of Lesson 20. So ... I will make a REPEAT of Lesson 20 after I m done with Lesson 21, ok? If they could beat Spurs this weekend, I would be motivated enough to have it next week , ya. Check here for the link.

FKLI : Took off my short position this morning. Cleared. Resistance at 1693 ... will short again.

VS : Hitting the resistance ... and initiated SELL VS(i sold VS-wa at 32.5 and 33cents yesterday morning as I m reducing my tech-hot-sector ... it hit 34cents). We shall see if VS will breakout of the resistance. Those buying at RM1.60 level ... can I ask why? Insider news of it going to RM2?

At lunch hour, VS closed at RM1.57 ... if it is a black-candle during closing ... i will ask ALL to exit.

MMSV : Sold her off at 64cents too ... I was so heavy inside tech ...suddenly lighten.

SOP : Haha ... I was teaching technical charting to few of my tratles (those came to my workshop and still following my stock-watch group) ... using SOP chart ... still got few pointers ... but it is OK. Many pointers for them to digest, especially those newbies.

Haha ... I really like teaching ... especially LIVE charts and trading.

will write again later.


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