Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Tech-sector : Time to sell

Tuesday morning is my 'off' day ... so, I will have a 'date' with my wife. hehe. Still in 'blues' due to loss to Hull ... down-trending now.

VS going for the resistance at the moment ... selling of my VS-wa today.

Tech has been hot ... too hot for me as I was heavy inside it. Sold Dufu yesterday ... and today selling VS.

VS-wa : Sold 32.5 cents done so far.

Gtronic : When to sell ... ? I asked members to buy during breakout (I did not as I bought penny-tech) and yesterday is a time to sell. We sell when ... RSI of sector is HIGH and the RSI for the stock is also high with reversal candle-stick seen. Also ... when telegram group talking about the sector/stock, the forums happy with profit and when our FB's feeds showing someone boasting about profits from XYZ counters.

SELL when market is HOT.

I still have 2 tech counters!!

GOB : Mentioned over the weekend about "property" and Malton up ... then, missed yesterday as I was not watching ... busy day with 3 classes ... and yes, Liverpool lost (blame them!!).

KSL on the move today too back in focus?

Lazy to write now ... want to go shopping-mall jalan-jalan.

Have a nice selling day.


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