Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Story Time : 2010

Lost to low-low level team ... yet again. sigh.

Today's story is about the first apartment I rented(2010) when I first came back to KL (from KK, Sabah)

Took the picture from 'google' ... year was 2010 Jan.

Up-root from the comfortable nice Sabah ... into concrete jungle in Subang Jaya. As I got the teaching job at Taylor's College (SS15), I was looking for simple apartment to rent ... nearby so that my young family could stay.

Found a unit at Court-9 ... rental RM900, and I just grabbed it. Old and un-furnished ... it is OK for me as I was too tight (financially) to stay in so-called more decent. This is a nice place, actually.

Could not afford anything much ... my kind aunt bought me a simple mattress to sleep on ... and got my old 20yrs old 21" Sony TV back to watch. No sofa ... fr my kids to watch TV. the whole unit basically bare ... slowly I added in simple dining table (was eating by sitting on the floor) ... then added a bed (was sleeping on thin mattress) ... added a working desk ... and then only a TV-cabinet!!

My boy was 4yrs old ... and girl was 2yrs old  ... yup, 2010 was a struggling year, adjusting new life here. That was some ... hmm ... 7 years ago? wow.

2010 ... market was recovering well, but I was very discipline not to withdraw from my trading account. I only took RM6k for moving back, actually. Sold off my Kancil ... and bought a Proton here (fully paid the loan).

Financially, I was still struggling ... 2010 was the year where I was still 'unknown' as best Math tutor ... I have to travel to "Dua Residence" (near KLCC) and Sri Hartamas in my small kap-chai from Subang Jaya to give tuition!! A year with Taylor's ... it is easy to see that I m a very experienced in teaching Math ... college required me to teach Further Math instead ... and slowly many students looking for me for classes ... 2010 was a real struggling year ... when adjustments and changes are NOT simple, yet it is worth it.

Looking back into 2010 ... that was my journey back ... into something better. The decision to move back to KL was not easy but a MUST. I was more alert about financial after 5 years of reading financial-books and polishing my fnancial-mindset. So ... 2010 is the next journey after I struggled to start in 2005 (married year).

So ... stage 1 journey 2005- 2009 was in Sabah ... read and learn about FINANCIAL. Failed in keropok-biz, market crashed on me 2008 and gained much in 2009.

Stage 2 started in 2010 ... at court-9.

By mid-2011, I bought an apartment after searching for few months!! I was lucky to buy at good price of Jati2 apartment and stayed there from 2011 till end 2014. I moved out of court-9 in mid-2011.

1.5 years in court-9 ... collected many memories of struggle ... where I will spend many hours learning technical-trading while giving tuition here-there. I was too busy that I 'missed' my kids growing up ... fast. I did'nt bring them to park ... there is a park infront of the apartment ... didn't bring them to the swimming pool much. Today, I will make sure I bring them to the pool once in a month, at least.

2010 was the start of my stage 2 planning for financial freedom ... and in order to do that, I need to clear off ALL my debt (3 credit-cards and personal loans).

2010 to 2014 : Clear debts stage ... and increase saving (planning ahead of crash back then).

Yes, my financial journey divided into 5yr-goal ... n planning. I m in my stage 3 now ... 2015-2019. So, 2010 is a very significant year to me ... where I started to plan for my footing in tuition classes and trading.

As I have shared in my e-meeting previously, planning and preparation is very important to achieve my financial goals. Stage 4 : 2020 to 2024 is my retiring stage where I would be involved in charity-plans!!

What a journey ... and I went through it ... the difficult 2010.

One may read my posts ... back in 2010. haha.

There ... I seldom re-read my posts (haha) as the posting are meant for my OWN keeping ... somehow, over the years, I have 'followers' ... some stalkers too. We cant stop what others doing ... more importantly, we live our own life and get alive!!

Alright ... time to go after morning rest. This week is another busy week with another trading-workshop to attend!!


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