Sunday, February 05, 2017

Retired ... and newbies in market.

Sunday morning ... normally, I will be 'alone' at mamak, reading and blogging. Today ... I have 'visitor' ... my blog-follower. He retired and follwed my blog for few years ... and sent his 'young 30yo' son to join my trading group. Glad to meet him ... and if you are reading this, thanks for coming all the way to treat me teh-tarik.

I spent 2 hours ... kind non-stopping of sharing/talk. haha. Given a chance to talk ... i could drag on for hours!!

Two main pointers I shared with him what I did very right during 2009 market rebound. And also my main mistake I made ... I know I done many things right but I done more wrongs, I guess. We gained experiences from DOING ... not reading or talking.

What I am doing may not suit many out there. So ... we talk about RISK appetite, EXPERIENCES and TIME FRAME.

If you are a retiree and currently THINKING of being a trader/investor ... guess it will be good to treat me a coffee and I could discretely telling you some pointers. I have heard of MANY retirees burnt their retirement funds ... stuck in stocks and stressed out.

RISK APPETITE is something you could not teach others ... when one is greedy, it is near impposible to tell them about RISK. If one is desperate to profit from markets ... you could not teach them too as their brains not in right place.

What would I advise a newbie-retiree? Hmm ... as it is 2017 now, I would say ... it is of HIGH RISK to be in markets. So, the best is still ... make appointment with me, then I will say ... see me again during crash. haha. Get out of markets or DO NOT bother yet ...  read and learn. As retiree ... you have ample time to READ ... and learn if yourself.

No need to pay RM5k plus .... and jumped to another RM3k plus for trading courses, or subscribe few k to some sites/softwares.

What you need is COMMON SENSE. Got it? Common sense is no common in markets ... not many use brain when they retired ... new in markets and want to earn fast-money.

Perhaps ... you may want to start with this book : He is sharing the CAN SLIM system of stock-screen.

Book Sharing : Investment Lessons

Sun, Feb 5, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM 
  Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Ok .. tonight share few pointers from the book.


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