Monday, February 13, 2017

Project : Sleep Well

Yesterday ... I was telling my wife that I will donate our extra pillows (hardly used) to old-folk homes. It started from there!! haha.

This morning I posted in the facebook ... and think might as well I collect pillows from friends or followers or ANYONE .... their extra pillows ... I will learn to wash those used ones (but must be in good conditions la ... not too rotten or smelly, yellowish is OK).

Then ... I shall buy those pillow-cases ... visit the old-folks-home and donate them those pillows!!

Then ... my idea grew bigger. How about the mattresses? I went to many old-fok-homes before ... some homes with very thin-old-deplorable mattresses!! We always donate those rice + items but how about SLEEPING??

So ... what is next for me?

Visit 2-3 old-folks home this Saturday (wanna join me?) and to check on their conditions!! The number of pillows and mattresses I needed to send to them!!

Now ... I need DONATION (RM26 to RM260 would be appreciated) from public and readers!! Will you help?

I need to check the prices of mattresses from the factories and hope they could give good price!! ANYONE know any "mattress" companies ... the boss ... so that I could approach him for 'good' price.

How about BLANKETS? hmm ... ok ok ... add that in.

Stage 1 : Get to know the old-folk homes

Stage 2 : Get to know the prices of mattresses and collect pillows

Stage 3 : Budgeting and getting DONATION

Stage 4 : Send to the homes

Stage 5 : Thanking those helping.

Stage 6 : Sleep well for those old-folks ... and I could sleep well too (haha).

Ok ... time to start working on my project!! Due-date .... end of Mac?


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