Friday, February 10, 2017

Going to SGX?

STI at resistance ... looking into SGX to buy into some stocks? Changing some MYR to SGD?

I shared 3-stories ... of my coffee-date, lunch-date and dinner-date last night. Identifying some mistakes what common normal retailers done and how we could do better ... next time around.

It is the MINDSET.

KLCI going for 1700 .... as DOW hitting NEW HIGH yesterday, up another 118 points. So, the risk of pullback is higher now .... and will see me paring my stakes. Well, I was heavy inside as busy buying b4 CNY ... now CNY is 15-days ... letting them go.

Tenaga : Sold her off 13.60 opening today ... left some as I keyed in too slow to sell. See how later.

Busy day with classes ... going to read this book today.

Dinner-date tonight with an old-friend who has been in property-land line for years.


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