Friday, February 03, 2017

Finding motivation

It is 12.50am ... I would have a long Friday with classes and appointments. But I can't sleep ... I m tired ... and looking for some motivation.

It is easy to be motivated for a while ... or when we have something looking forward to. But ...

Some of us are motivated ... (see diagram above) due to our goal (me, for example) ... some like to take challenges, some like to see development in their self ... others work hard for the incentive/bonus.

For me ...? I worked hard some 10years ago ... motivated in daily basis to get out of debt and live more comfortably with my family.

I used my 'kids' as my inner push ... by looking at them growing up everyday!! From babies ... to now.

But ... honestly, kids growing up too fast ... they have their own minds and 'against their parents' age now ... and it hurts me, as a father. So ... I m losing the most important source of my motivation!! It has been a while now ... it is not easy for me to search for the new source of motivation ... tho my goal of 'financial freedom' is intact.

Money is not really a good motivator for me, either. I never really work hard for 'money' .... but everything is money! Cost of living is catching up fast ... and we still need to continue to work even harder to maintain our so-called life-style.

Normally ... I will read some self-help book ... or going for a short break.

or listening to youtube clips.

Where is my book : 8 to be great?

Time to re-read that book again!!



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