Thursday, February 16, 2017

DOW at 20 611.86 high

Trump-effect-rally ... welcoming DOW to another new high ... everyday is a bull-market.

Over in KLSE ... we do rub-on little of the heat but not much significant movements ...say to 2000 level? We are waiting there ... for everyone to yell "BULL market"

Contrarian Strategies

Contrarian investing is a type of investment strategy distinguished by buying and selling against the grain of investor sentiment during a specific time. A contrarian investor enters the market when others are feeling negative about it and the value is lower than its intrinsic value. When there is an overarching pessimistic sentiment on a stock, it has the possibility of lowering the price so low, the downfalls and risks of the company's stock are overblown. Figuring out which distressed stocks to buy and selling them once the company recovers, thus boosting the stock value, is the major play for contrarian investors. This can lead to securities returning gains much higher than usual. However, being too optimistic on hyped stocks can have the opposite effect.

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Many contrarians have the view of the market as an eternal bear market. This does not necessarily mean they view the market as negative but keep a healthy skepticism as to how certain general investors feel about the market. Overly high valuations can lead to eventual drops when investors' expectations do not work out. The principles behind contrarian investing can be applied to individual stocks, an industry as a whole or even entire markets.
As DOW going up higher ... being a contrarian, I have reduced my position ... into 70% cash in hand now.

I have trained myself to be a contrarian ... after all, only 20% of them profit from markets in long-run. A crash in market or sector ... or our stocks could wipe off our profits. I m speaking from experience, of coz ...

Have a nice day as I will prefer go shopping now and read ... and have classes. Tonight going for a market-talk.


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