Saturday, January 21, 2017

Welcome Trump

Welcome Trump as the new president of US.

Making US great again ... that could push DOW higher and high potential to breakout of 20,000 level. I am confident of that ... so, I am going to trade into US-markets (buy-hold-wait bubble).

Tonight, I will have a gathering for few of my trading members ... and will share with them my preparation on the market-crash and checking on each other, to remind of the risk. How to capitalise on the crash would be very important.

i3 : By the way, I think CharlesT didnt manage to come for my e-meeting yesterday night. So, I cordially inviting him to come to meet me personally ... nothing to hide, be a man and no need to hide behind the nick. Also ... e-mail me for me to give you my number (you can always come to my blog ... my number is here leh). So ... now, I m opening the initiative to meet you ... and to change your perception on me. You don't know me ... and I do not know you. So, I have shown interest to know you ... would you please step up?

Well ... need to listen to songs ... rest and nap.

have a nice weekend.

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