Monday, January 09, 2017

Top 10 stock-picks by FD

Morning ... Monday blue? Well .. drew with Plymouth ...played the youngest team in history. haha ... 70th minute, brought in Firmino and Lallana .. too bad, can't score and forced a replay. I had e-meeting last night from 9.30pm to 10.30pm ... so, I missed the first half.

Anyway ... about 15 of them attended last night "New Year Resolution" vlog ... I will do one proper one ... record it and share it here, ok?

This morning I has a FB live with the group ... to talk about the 10 selected stocks.

1. Inari

2. Magni

3. CScenic

4. Gamuda

5. Sime

6. GenM

7. Taann

8. SKPetrol

9. Armada

10. Protasco

So ... I will discuss about the charts (those which to attend my tonight e-meeting, contact me then) tonight in our weekly e-meeting 9.30pm.

Got to go ... have a class now with my new students (home schooling).


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