Saturday, January 14, 2017

Market talk @ USJ

It is 3.15 pm ... just finished a class. I had an early class at 8am this morning ... then, cancelled one class to attend my first market-talk (paid) ... and since it is at USJ and privately hosted, I could travel ...

8 am to 9.30am : Tuition class

9.45 to 12.15 pm : Market talk

1.30pm to 3pm : Tuition class

3.15pm ... blogging here!!

Some of the pointers I brought back to share with readers here.

Stocks Pick : AirAsia, Gtronic, SAM, Hovid ... if I didnt miss out any.

While I agreed on GTronic ... and SAM , I see Hovid as high-risk. AirAsia .... yes, each time oversold ... it will rebound. So, buy during oversold. I m bearish in AirAsia. haha.

AirAsia-c47 : Being mentioned in The Edge ... worth to punt?

8 pointers given by Uncle Ben were good ... and I will put it here if I could remember.

As for the technical-talk ... well, no comment as I do not check EW or FR. In trading it is the planning ... understand our trades ... and execute accordingly. Trade good fundamental stocks being recommended (top pick by The Edge, for example).

Time to go home after whole day out ... have a nice weekend.


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