Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lost to Swansea

lost to the lowest team at home ... sigh.

still reading this book ... on fundamental-analysis.

share the 4 pointers of things we need to check in preparation of coming crash (matter of when) ... yes, repeating my 4 main points and what I have done so far ... a group of 'regulars' came.

still need the point 4 : Knowledge and experiences ... I m lacking in this, being a newbie of 9-yrs in market.

we talked about buying into inverse-ETFs to short US if there is a bubble created ... say DOW at 30,000 level?

as for KLCI ... we can always short FKLI ... say, 2000 level?

preparing for BIG short is an easier said than done. it is easier to WAIT for crash to buy into good dividend-blue-chips ... and wait for recovery. easier that way ... indeed.

no mood to write.


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