Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Stock Watch : Eatech

Eatech : Sold 66cents done this morning ... well, taken 58-60cents yesterday. Didnt expect it to jump like crazy .... thanks to The Edge promoting her. Too hot now ... I don't like. In fact this is my 2nd round into her ... bought at 50cents level just  1-2 weeks ago as 45cents was the low.

Eatech weekly chart since listing ... from 50cents to RM1.40 ... how is that?

Eatech would be in my trading list for coming months as more retailers will be believing in the Stock-Pick and they will be pushed.

SW 2017 : Do contact me to join my trading group for new-year... 2017 crashing down to trap retailers would be very interesting year ahead. e-mail

Ok ... trade done. Time to jalan-jalan.


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