Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Stock Alert : Stone

Stone : Being stoned ... see chart. PN17 gang now ... for newbies, need to learn to know what PN17 is, why and how a company would be placed under PN17.

go to bursa-site ... and search for PN17 list. Then, learn about WHY these companies listed there ... and then, next time when we buy a stock, we need to CHECK if the company is a high potential of PN17 candidate and we shall avoid. The BEST strategy I could share is ... if you don't know ALSO need to exit with cut-loss level in place.

Still don't know how? attend one of my cut-loss e-meeting and ASK there. Or ... join my trading group for 2017. Then, LEARN.

contact :

Note : Sorry if you are stuck inside Stone.


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