Thursday, December 01, 2016

Rebound day ...

Noon ... crude-oil price rebounds sharply after OPEC meeting  .... there will still be glut and as economies are not doing well, this surge could be not sustainable ... buy O&G counters for trading boleh-la.

KNM : Went to new low yesterday ... today is green day!! Huge volume there yesterday ... gap-up and I could not catch. I caught another O&G this morning instead for short-term trading.

DRBHcom : hit 92cents ... few of my members caught at 92cents support but I queued at 86cents yesterday, failed and it rebounds to RM1.01 now. How?

Melewar : Oh ... gapped down ... pump-n-dump, understand?

Mycron : Another goreng-up stock ... gapped down yesterday to kill those retailers that chase up. Bye-bye.

See if the rebound sustainable.


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