Wednesday, December 28, 2016

If you have Rm100k to punt

TL : My friend said he has rm100k to invest. To do business 100k is too small so he separated it into 10k x 10 to "invest" in 10 skim cepat kaya. This skim he put 10k that skim he put 10k. He said if 7 failed but 3 success it will help him make money. What you think?

Ok ... I m going to answer this question post by a friend on his FB.

Step 1 : WAIT for market crash ... don't worry, just wait.

Step 2 : Since one is to diversify into 10 portions and to PUNT (RM10k each portion), then I do have suggestion ... punt into PENNY stocks during crash .. diversify into different sectors.

Step 3 : WAIT ... some might never recover or going lower or worst, de-listed. But those recovering could EASILY doubled.

Step 4 : Sell once hit 3-5 times those portion. Others, wait.

This is a NO BRAINER on punting your RM100k. haha. Better than skim-cepat-kaya as stated above ... so, I will ask anyone which to buy/punt during market crash ... join me.


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