Saturday, December 10, 2016

coffee-date #25

9.25am : Morning ... waiting for another coffee-date(#26) at the moment while having breakfast. I will be meeting an experienced investor . Will share some of his 'secrets'.

DOW closed at NEW HIGH at 19756.85. Fantastic Trump's effect.

But KLCI is not moving anywhere soon ... BNM came in and supported MYR. How much could they support? We shall see ...

coffee-date #25 last night was a short 1hour with a busy biz-man who has been in markets for 20years plus ... seen and lost much in 1998 crash ... and missed 2008 crash as he still in 'phobia'. As he said ... seen ghost, sure in fear!! haha. Nice person to chat with.

He told me he is going to dare himself to buy during coming crash as he is going to retire soon ... didnt dare to touch stocks since 1998? Buying during crash ... after 20yrs later?

2.30pm : having lunch ...

Our tuition center will be offering IGCSE and A-level home-schooling by next year. Intake 2017 Jan ... check us out. We are located at SS15 Subang Jaya ... and our fees are much lower than SriKL, Taylor's, Inti or Sunway ... but we have the BEST (I m VERY sure of that) group of lecturers ... most popular tutors ... I grouped them together. Hear me out ...

Well ... why home-schooling? Because it is SMALL group ... better attention to students and longer contact hours with our dedicated teachers. Because it is much cheaper ...also because in colleges, you wont have ALL the best lecturers to teach you/your kids.  (I should know ... colleges have many lecturers teaching a subject, ok?)

So ... spread the news ... I will create a poster to advertise soon.

Have a nice weekend ... I want to watch movie now.


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