Tuesday, December 06, 2016

75% discount from peak

Assuming that we like Hartalega for whatever fundamental reasons. That is what being shared by sifu hu Li-Yang. Take a look at the peak ... cut it into half ... and cut further into half. That is actually 75% below the peak.

Say Harta peaked at RM6 (at the moment, and market not crashing YET) ... 75% from RM6 = RM1.50. So ... we should only start to buy Harta below RM1.50 ... say, u place 20% safety net below the fair-value of RM1.50 ... that is another discount of 30cents ... which means, HARTA is a strong buy at RM1.20 level during market crash.

Currently Harta is trading at RM4.70 level ... we shall see if RM6 is the peak or perhaps it rallies from here to break RM6 by next year? Nothing is conclusive yet till market crash is here.

This post is just a sharing on how a no-brainer but a patient person could buy at huge discount. 75% discount.

Note : Many of O&G counters are at this huge 'discount' level .... but we are talking about fundamentally strong counters which could sustain the crisis ... any?

Will prepare a list of stock which are trading at 75% of their peak. Check them out.


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