Tuesday, November 08, 2016

US election : Hillary to win?

Morning ... DOW up 370 points. It is un-certain now due to US-election but a news regarding e-mail, DOW gap up ... so, market is favouring Clinton!! Hard to BET ... I closed off my long. sigh.

Gadang is being the talk in town at the moment .... heard that KYY and Coldeye sold their stakes. Very high volume selling yesterday ... broken RM2.80.

We could be trapped inside ... if we are un-aware of those 'news' and followed blindly into 'hear-say'. I have had my share of these experiences ... we all do mistakes, but what we do at the moment could determine our 'survival'.

I m staying aside ... can't take the losses as I m adopting 'Not lose = win" mentality.

The fear of losing is greater than the greed of profiting.

Time to go lepak ... not to watch is the best.

Will be back once election over, we shall check on Bersih-rally fear next.


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