Sunday, November 27, 2016

Penang Trip

Morning ... it is a cold rainy Sunday morning ... Liverpool not playing so well but luckily managed to beat lower team, Sunderland 2-0. They are still in chasing pack in top-4 but Coutinho injured. Chelsea is playing very consistent and top the table.

Penang Trip : I will want to inform those in Penang and wish to meet ... it will be my pleasure to meet traders and investors. I will have a short-talk (less than an hour?) on current markets ... volatilities and preparation for market-crash or correction.

Yeah ... sharing of opinions and experiences would be appreciated. So ... do contact me if you wish to attend my short-talk (it is not free, you need to treat me a coffee for that. haha ... just kidding).

The title of the book is clear ... we need to be defensive in un-certain environment now. Do not be too aggressive to chase up stocks as we might get caught in a selldown and we are forced to CUT LOSS. Need to bold the CUT LOSS word as it is missing in many retailers ... and stuck in many stocks.

Let me show an example ... AAX shot up high on 17th Aug recently ... and after a week, it gappped down, From 40cents to 49cents level ... only to see it gapped down from 46cents to 39cents level.

I do notice these days ... many stocks showing gap-down ... exiting of funds, operators and retailers. During crash, expect these as a norm. There is no crash in 2016 ... and since when I said 2016 crash? Someone been quoting that ... but I did not. You may attend my e-meeting or ask any or my members. I m preparing for crash and have stated that 2016 is no crash ... seeing the volatilities just means we are nearing to that 'crashing' point ... nearing in Math is called approaching or limiting to ... it may take years ... for who am I to call a 'crash'?

Just remember not to be caught inside ... holding to many 'losers' or downtrending stocks such as Armada ... and many more.

so ... do not chase up the stocks if we do not know how to cut-loss and let her go for losses. That is important lesson ... because once the STOCK crashed, it will be very difficult to recover.

Will want to write anothe post showing crashes ... of stocks (not the market, yet).


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