Monday, November 28, 2016

Long-black candles

Armada : At 51cents, new low again ... how low can it goes? Note the huge volume of selling ... and it is CUT LOSS for whoever selling Armada. If not mistaken, right-issues was at RM1.27 level. How do they explain to investors? Do you know that Armada used to be INDEX LINKED? Someone told me it is AK's counter ... so, it is kinda 'safe' to buy-hold.

DRBHcom : Dived another 8% today to form a long-black ... closed at RM1.01 ... shall check at 92cents tmr?

Eatech : Long time didnt check on her ... today, another long-black candle ...

FGV : Gapped down ... and closed with long-black ... and will check her at RM1.30 for tmr.

Gadang : Gapped down this morning ... closed with a black candle. See lower ...

KNM : At new low ... another selldown with long black-candle. Shall we check at 30cents now?

TekSeng : close at 78.5cents ... the selling continues. We do not see bottom yet, so no reasons to buy into her ... and can I ask, WHY must buy TekSeng? Cheap? A case of cheap becoming cheaper ... as after all, it came up from a mere 20cents!! Crazy la ... 20cents to RM1.40 ... how can it be cheap? Now ... let us check at 60cents next as strong support around there.

Uzma : Long time no check her too as she is in O&G ... was traded at RM4 at peak ... now going back to RM1.30 level.

Note : I do know many stuck up there ... listening to many out there, simply bought and stuck with huge paper-loss ... it is a very human not to cut-loss as we hope these stocks will rebound ... recover ... but it went lower ... and we wonder what to do. Can't help much ... except continue to have book-sharing and e-meeting to share what traders should do. UNFORTUNATELY ... most will not bother to learn ... and continue to be 'lost' and ... yes, no eye see mentality seeping in ... and ego and arrogance would stop them to admit mistakes.

I feel so sorry writing about these waterfalls ... as I do understand the PAIN of seeing our stocks tanking lower ... and regretted we didnt sell earlier. I have learnt my bitter lessons over the years of being in market ... but I m sure many of those retailers who 'escape' the selldown ... WILL get stuck once the stock-market start to collapse ... and crashed.

How can I help? Nothing much ... except continue to write about these waterfalls ... hoping many will WAKE UP one day ... of coz, I know many won't.

Good luck ... see me in Penang if you wish to discuss.


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